We provide full Estate Liquidations as well as downsizing and moving sales. We have a network of specialists who help you through the entire process of clearing your estate or getting your home ready to sell. This network includes realtors, contractors, and appraisers/buyers.

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Estate Sale F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is considered to be an "estate" sale?

An estate sale is any liquidation of personal property. The sale is held inside the home where the items are located.

How much does an estate sale cost?

There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expense to you. We charge a percentage of total sales for our commission which is deducted from the proceeds at the end of the sale.

can you prepare a sale while an individual is living in the home?

unfortunately we cannot prepare a sale while an individual is living in the home.

when should i call godley estate sales?

the sooner the better! We are a small business so our schedule fills up quickly.

when are estate sales held?

estate sales are generally held on Friday, Saturday and sunday to maximize foot traffic, however each sale is different. For a large or specialty sale, additional days may be added.

how should i prepare the home for an estate sale?

Godley estate sales is a full service company, therefore, you do not need to prepare the home by getting rid of items that you feel may have no value. family pictures and keepsakes should be taken, however, if items are missed our team can help you collect them before the sale.

what do you do with items that are left over after the sale?

How leftover items are handled at the end of the sale is at the discretion of the client. however many times we can assist with the donation of these items and can recommend clean out services.